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Fairbank is not a name that you hear mentioned very often in Toronto. The name of the historic community, which once surrounded the intersection of Dufferin and Eglinton, lingers on in real estate circles though the modern boundaries are far greater than that of the original settlement.

At first glance it might seem that much of the original Fairbank, and it’s history, have disappeared into oblivion. However, if you make your way through the area you might begin to notice a few places which retain the name Fairbank – the United church, the Legion, a residential street, two schools, a community centre, a park, an outdoor pool and even our local ‘gentleman’s club’

If you investigate further you’ll see the name Fairbank attached to places such as the local bank branches and the Hydro transfer station. And if you happen to take the GO Train to Barrie and look out the window, to the west, just north of Eglinton you will see a little white “CN Fairbank” sign not far from where there once was little rail station called Fairbank Junction.

So, while it is true that most of the area’s built heritage from pioneer days is gone there are tangible links to Fairbank’s past scattered throughout the city. This website is dedicated to creating a central repository for information and photographs about the history, people and places of Fairbank.