Toronto neighbourhood: Community of Fairbank, former city of York.
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A few months ago I met a man, in the parking lot behind the Fairbank legion near the NW corner of Dufferin and Eglinton, and we got talking about the neighbourhood. Turns out he was a long-time resident of the area who grew up on the same street that I now live on! He shared with me a number of his memories of the area. Here they are, in no particular order:

  • The man grew up at 39 Little Blvd, which was built in 1936. The house next door was a old farmhouse, much bigger than any of the other homes in the area.
  • The current auto shop on the corner of Little Blvd and Eglinton Avenue was once a Canadian Tire store and later became an electronics store.
  • The site of the new townhouses, just to the west of the former Canadian Tire (between Little Blvd and Montcalm Ave, on the north side of Eglinton) was once a Sunoco Station.
  • The area to the south of Eglinton, when you head down Harvie past the Fairbank Memorial School to Kitchener Ave was known as "The Dip" and many of the roads were covered in red brick.
  • The man's father worked as a bread delivery driver for Canada Bread and remembers when his father used to travel through the neighbourhood with his horse and wagon, and later a truck.
  • The closest fire department he remembered was on Scott Street, to the west of the area, just off the hill heading down towards Keele Street.
  • The Brown brothers had a funeral home out of the back of their farmhouse on the east side of Dufferin at Eglinton. That location today is still a funeral home - part of the McDougall and Brown funeral chain.