Toronto neighbourhood: Community of Fairbank, former city of York.
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1   Link   Lost Villages of Toronto: Fairbank's
While it never actually achieved “village” status, Fairbank’s is nevertheless an interesting lost village of Toronto. Named for the farm of Matthew PARSONS, this village was found in the area of Eglinton Avenue West and Dufferin Street. It was called “Fairbank’s Farm”, but the people of the area called it “Fairbank’s”. Today most people simply refer to the area as “Fairbank”.
2   Link   Homes: Fairbank Neighbourhood
The Fairbank neighbourhood lies on both sides of Dufferin north of St Clair Ave, extending to just north of Eglinton, bounded on the west by the CN Rail line. The community includes the Prospect Cemetery which runs from St Clair to Eglinton. The community is named for an early farm of Matthew Parson, which he named "Fairbank". This rural area began urbanization in 1892, with the arrival of the Belt Line Railway, which accelerated with the 1924 arrival of the Toronto streetcar railway. The community has curvey streets navigating the area's hills.
3   Link   TOBuilt: Detailed Structure Information
2073 Dufferin Street
York, Fairbank
4   Link   Prospect Cemetery
5   Link   Township of York, Eglinton Ave, looking west, from Dufferin and Vaughan
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8   Link   The Garage That Never Was
During the Second World War the Toronto Transportation Commission recognized the need for another operating garage for west and north Toronto bus routes. On August 8, 1946 the General Manager reported that negotiations for the purchase of a site for a new operating garage on the east side of Dufferin Street, north of Eglinton Avenue, had proceeded to the point of purchase.
9   Link   Forgotten York
This town is built on York. The word, that is. It’s everywhere. It’s a fort, a university, even a “royal” hotel. Other names and nicknames, like Yorkville and “Muddy York” are splashed all over our mental maps of Toronto, but the one place that probably isn’t on that map is the former City of York. It is, and was, Toronto’s forgotten borough, an underdog of a municipality that lived in the shadow of its bigger, richer neighbours (like Etobicoke and North York) until all were amalgamated into the Toronto megacity in 1998.